Karaoke With Ed: Watch Ed Sheeran Freestyle To YG’s ‘My Hitta’

If you’ve read our Summer 2014 cover story on Ed Sheeran you’d know that the guitarist who triple majors in acoustic soul, pop and making Diddy cry is also an insanely dedicated hip-hop fan.

While the singer was on set shooting the cover with fellow crooners Mack Wilds and August Alsina, he got silly with his guitar and began covering the most ratchet songs he could think of, from Ty Dolla $ign’s “Paranoid” to Waka Flocka Flame’s “No Hands.” When he got to YG’s “My Hitta,” Sheeran was in a freestyle spirit, and flipped the hook into “My Gingers,” for those with the same bronze tresses as himself.

Check out Sheeran’s knee-slapping take on YG’s hit above. Lyrics below.

I ride for the gingers down for me/Can’t go in the sun unless you’re wearing sun cream/Yeah, you know how it feel/My skin gon’ peel/But you know that shit is real, uh, yeah/Because when I got ginger hair/with the clothes I wear/I gotta shade myself from the shit, and the sun, oh yeah/I’m in the club wearing some shades/Because the sun comes in the club for days/I’m like a vampire in the shit, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Don’t know, I’ll be here for… day-as [laughs]/People with tans, motherfucker say your prayers/Because I’m coming at you in the dark/You won’t see me I’m in the shadow at the park, easy/Gingers up in this club, for real/You know what I’m saying, my skin’s about to peel