Kelly Rowland Calls Beyoncé And Michelle Are Her Soul Mates

Kelly Rowland may be a married woman, but she calls her girlfriends her “soul mates”.

In an interview with Hello Beautiful, the “Game” singer talked about her relationship with her longtime gal pals, Beyonce and Michelle.

“I believe in soul mates. I believe soul mates are not just in relationships, but they’re in friendships,” she said. “I have soul mates through Beyoncé and Michelle and Angie [Beyince] and Solange and LaLa [Anthony]. I have soul mates. I’m so thankful for that too, because I think they understand you.” The 33-year-old said the connection with her besties is “the greatest gift you can have.”

The newlywed also mentioned that if she’s involved in any drama, she doesn’t want her husband, Tim Witherspoon, to chime in.

“Stay out. It’s called female drama for a reason unless you have a vagina,” Rowland said.

The Houston native is currently working on a soccer-themed album with Pepsi’s fútbol campaign titled Beats of the Beautiful Game, debuting June 11.