Kerry Washington Talks Being A Mom, Olivia Pope In First Post-Pregnancy Interview

Kerry Washington may be scandal-free but America’s favorite on-screen fixer has had all eyes on her and her baby bump after she flaunted her baby bump at this year’s Oscars. In her first post-pregnancy interview with the Los Angeles Times, Washington said becoming a mom was a dream come true.

“I feel really, really blessed,” she said. “I just feel really blessed that I’m kind of living extraordinary dreams come true in my work life and in my personal life.”

Although Washington makes a point to keep her private life under wraps, she spilled the beans on the inner workings of her Scandal character, Olivia Pope. The actress, whose big break in the 2001 dance film Save the Last Dance, says she was excited to see how “screwed up” the Pope family was in season 3.

“It explains why Olivia is drawn to crisis and why she’s drawn to wanting to fix things when they’re broken because she comes from such a broken place,” she said. “There’s something about being broken that actually is her comfort zone because it sort’ve looks like home. Which in some ways explains why she’s really caught in this relationship, that while it is so beautiful (the love that Fitz and Olivia have for each other), clearly there are things about it that are broken.”

The Scandal star also revealed that although Olivia and Papa Pope have had a tumultuous relationship, she thinks the two would share a bottle of red wine this Father’s Day. Washington says that although the two characters rarely see eye-to-eye, they are more in common than they think.

“Both Olivia and Papa Pope are very guarded. They know how to perform their identity in the world. They know how to perform power, but in that moment they both let themselves be vulnerable in order to tap into this thing they have in common, which is the idea that the job is to eradicate evil. You may spend your whole life trying to do something impossible because the world can be a pretty screwed up place but you still spend your life trying to make it better.”

Watch the live chat below.