Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Gift To Kanye West Only Cost $20

Kimye may be banking millions but when it come to gifts, sometimes it’s the thought that counts.

For Kanye West’s 37th birthday, Kim Kardashian reportedly copped her new hubby an exclusive Monopoly game for $19.99. The price is a drastic difference from ‘Ye’s born day gift last year, a $750,000 Lamborghini.

The exclusive version of “My Monopoly” board is a new product from Hasbro, where buyers will be able to customize their board by creating their own game pieces, property spaces, and Chance and Community Chest cards. It won’t hit stores until August.

A close source says Kim replaced spaces like Park Avenue, with personal places like the Palace of Versailles, where the couple held their wedding rehearsal. She also replaced the Broadway space with Italy’s Fort Belvedere where they exchanged vows last month.

Kim also gifted Yeezy with a Yeezus birthday cake, as seen on Instagram.