LeBron James Opts Out Of Miami Heat Contract To Become Free Agent

LeBron James is taking the fire out of the Heat.

After much speculation, it has finally been confirmed that the NBA star will opt out of his contract to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. However, exercising his early termination doesn’t mean that James has decided to leave Miami, ESPN reports. The four-time NBA MVP was scheduled to make $20 million next season with the Heat and if he chooses to re-sign he will be able to continue on his legacy.

In his four seasons as the franchise’s small forward, the Heat have gone to the NBA Finals four times and won two championships. If James departs, he could potentially walk away from making history. Only one team in the NBA’s history has appeared in at least five consecutive NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics, who reached 10 straight from 1957 to 1966. Yet, James must weigh his options considering that the Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks are diligently pursuing him.

If King James were to return to his roots in Ohio, the Cavs are presumed to pair him with star Kyrie Irving. Rumors of James joining the Cavs began to stir following his wife Savannah James’ cryptic Instagram post. However, James is taking this time to vacation with his family and consider his options.

“Being able to have flexibility as a professional, anyone, that’s what we all would like,” James said last week. “That’s in any sport, for a football player, a baseball player, a basketball player, to have flexibility and be able to control your future or your present. I have a position to be able to do that. … There’s a lot of times that you’re not in control of your future as a professional.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images