Listen To BBC Radio 1’s Q-Tip’s Documentary, ‘The Story of Q-Tip’

A Tribe Called Quest’s member Q-Tip chatted with BBC 1 Radio 1’s Benji B for a documentary called “The Story of Q-Tip.” During the interview, the Tribe co-founder discussed how LL Cool J’s “I Need A Beat” inspired him, his dad’s love for jazz, his first encounter with hip-hop and the first records that he owned.

“I was just into music as a child…I remember the first record I had was Jackson 5’s “Dancing Machine” and later Foster Sylver’s “Misdemeanor,” Tip said. (Dr.Dre sampled “Misdemeanor” for the D.O.C.’s “It’s Funky Enough”).

But, it was Tip’s sister who is responsible for exposing the future MC and beatsmith to hip-hop by taking him to a block party. “Seeing DJs Djing and break beats, people doing the Freak in streets, it was just kind of wild and mind blowing,” Tip said. “That had a really profound effect on me, it wasn’t in the way of like I knew at this age that this is what I wanted to do, but I knew that it was something that was certainly instrumental to life itself,” Tip recalled.

The documentary features interviews with Nas, Pharrell and The Pharcyde and others. The documentary comes just before the 25th anniversary of A Tribe Called Quest classic album The Low End Theory. Also, Q-Tip has a forthcoming album The Last Zulu, which is slated to be released in the near future. Tip is also working on a television series with Leonardo Dicaprio called the “The Native Tongues,” which is based on Q-Tip’s life.

You can listen to the full documentary here.

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