#MCM: Attractive Men Age Well

Idris Elba attractive men

Can you find the fountain these attractive men are sipping from because we’re trying to take a swig!

No seriously, is it a secret society? Are they all a part of the same gym? Shop in the same attractive men stores? We remember these celebs looking good in the past, but there’s something about their present we can’t get enough of. They have manifested from cute to godly—exaggerations needed—with their handsome and dapper appeal.

They help us get over the first day of the week blues as we plaster our adoration for these men on all our social mediums (and then some). As you wind down your Monday and dreading the next few days ahead, check out our #MCM title-stars—men that get better looking with age—this week.

Flip the page to see the attractive men that have manifested their looks into drool-worthy appeal.

Idris Elba

All Photos Credit: Getty