Meek Mill Sued By Ex-Cop For Screwing Up His Sex Life

A former Philadelphia cop is suing Meek Mill for allegedly screwing up his sex life.

Two years ago, the MMG rapper was reportedly arrested for weed possession, but when officials turned up with nothing, the MC sued the city of Philadelphia. Meek came back empty handed, but the unnamed officer says he lost a lot as well.

According to TMZ, the ex-cop claims that he has been defamed in interviews, and as a result, his reputation and character have been severely damaged. Now he wants Meek to pay up.

Shortly after the case, the cop was fired for reasons unrelated to Meek’s case but told reporters that it has been hard to find employment because of Meek’s media bashing. The officer also alluded that he’s been shooting blanks in the bedroom. The recent attention has “had a strong affect on my life and relationship performance with my fiancée.”

The former cop says he hasn’t worked in a year and is suing Meek Mill for a cool $750,000 in damages. Meek has yet to issue a response.

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