Mindy Kaling Announces Her Second Book

After reaching #6 on the New York Times Best Sellers List  in 2011 with her first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me, comedian Mindy Kaling announced that that she is coming out with her second book entitled, Why Not Me. The hilariously witty actress told The LA Times that this book will be a collection of personal essays and exploration of the big life changes she’s experienced since publishing her last book.

“So much has happened between the time I published my first book and now. The show; my mother passed away; so many of my friends have gotten married. I’m a godmother now and a homeowner. There’s so much that has happened in that period of time that I wanted to write another book”, said Kaling.

Along with endless laughs, readers can also expect to read about more serious social topics like body acceptance, racial issues, diversity on her television show.

There is no set publish date for the book yet.

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images