M&O: ‘Almost Us’ Full Album Steam

Like their name, M&O’s folky R&B is a stripped down retake on a familiar experience. In reducing their original name to its initials, singer/songwriter Jamila “Milo” Woods and bassist/producer Owen “Otis” Hill not only distinguished themselves from the similarly named L.A. EDM. act, the Chicago duo also distilled their porous indie soul to a raw, elegant essence.

Relying on basic instruments, clean production, and imaginative arrangements, M&O rework spoken word, hip hop, and ambient pop into a captivating album that is both ethereal and funky. On their album cover, their eyes are transposed on each other’s faces. It’s a coy wink at their yin yang vibe: black and white, male and female, acoustic and electric. M&O.

A great example of their sonic equilibrium is the song “Run!” in which Jamila soothingly coos poignant lines like “love me like a shark” over Owen’s tom-tom beats and mini-Moog riffs. Watch the video and stream the album Almost Us below.