Museum Of Love To Debut Self-Titled LP On DFA Records

“Neo no wave” isn’t the kind of thing anyone wants to be caught saying, letting alone accused of creating. But DFA is so damn good at mixing punk’s funky yin with art-house disco’s yearning yang, that it doesn’t matter how you try to pigeonhole their roster’s aesthetic because everybody’s too damn swirled out to care.

Case in point: Museum of Love. A super group for two, Museum of Love is a spin-off of LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney and The Juan MacLean accomplice and studio wiz Dennis “Jee Day” McNany. Previously, Museum of Love flexed their highbrow synth pop muscles on a rework of Battle’s “My Machines” (featuring Gary Numan), and their own singles “Monotronic” and “Down South”.

Rather than straight up party bangers, the songs on their debut album dropping August 19 are more along the lines of Italo-philes Junior Boys, warm and fuzzy party monsters Hot Chip, or soundscaper deluxe Tycho on an especially Serotonin-flushed day. Mahoney’s voice vacillates smoothly between ghostly and falsetto, while McNany’s arrangements and instrumentation bump, click, and whirr like a lovingly tuned Rube Goldberg jukebox. Not too surprising, perhaps, considering they named the band after a song by schizophrenic outsider favorite Daniel Johnston, and they cite Harry Nilsson and Roxy Music as influences. Museum of Love move to a romantic, micro-electro groove that’s well worth the ride even if you’re not sure where the track is headed.

Below, stream “In Infancy” from the upcoming self-titled debut that also includes “Monotronic” and “Down South,” and check out the oddball office party themed album teaser.

01. Horizontalator
02. Down South
03. In Infancy
05. The Who’s Who of Who Cares
06. Learned Helplessness In Rats (Disco Drummer)
07. Monotronic
08. The Large Glass
09. And All The Winners (Fuck You Buddy)

Photo Credit: Tim Saccenti