New Music: Carrillo Music Serves Up Summer Bangers 2014

Carrillo Music serves up a strong, possibly spiked music cocktail in the form of Summer Bangers 2014. The label, which is known to dig up budding talent and dance-worthy tunes, kicks the temperature up a notch with its brand new compilation. Featuring newcomer Jamie Stewart, Summer Bangers 2014 also showcases sweltering smashes from Trevor Simpson, Danny Howard, and Futuristic Polar Bears amongst others.

VIBE caught up with some of the compilation’s biggest stars to talk music and what’s hot right now (aside from the temperature). There’s a lot of rave surrounding newcomer Jamie Stewart. With a slew of official remixes under his belt, A-list DJ support, and a handful of new releases to come, Jamie tells us why he’s got what it takes to be dance music’s next big star.

VIBE: What’s a typical summer day in your homeland Northern Ireland?
Jamie Stewart: It’s so unpredictable but usually we would get temperatures of around 10-15 degrees celsius with either rain and/or sun.

“In My Mind” comes dark and unexpected. What inspired the track?
I was listening to a lot of tracks from Revealed Recordings at the time of producing the track and really wanted to do something dark sounding.

Tell us why you’re the next big DJ star.
I work extremely hard to achieve my dreams and I believe that hard work always pays off! I always try to do something different in each track that makes me stand out from the crowd.

The UK’s 4-deck turntable master, Kissy Sell Out, gives us the low-down on his big plans for the summer:
VIBE: In your opinion, what is one song that epitomizes summer?
Kissy Sell Out: There’s a great track that came out earlier this year bv Terry Vercetti called “Good Feelings”. I really like it and it works on the dance floor every time – despite noone in the crowd ever recognising it!

You have an upcoming North American tour that kicks off June 20. What can we expect to hear?
I always know that a big feature of my sets in North America is the UK Garage music roots and British heritage house music sounds that come through, differentiating me from local DJs – whether I intend to do so or not! Occasionally, I’ll ask a promoter if there are any big US tunes that might go down well in my sets but they always tend to say “we booked you for being you – so do your thing!” I’m very lucky that I get booked for my own particular slant on dance music, and so I think that is why my 4-deck DJ style has become such a thing with me – I really love what I do! Just last week I helped work on a major new product from Pioneer in their DJ equipment line (which I’m not allowed to tell you about yet lol!), so working with Pioneer has really given a powerful edge to my DJ skills. Expect some very fast mixing, post-modern deep house and garage sounds straight outta the streets of London, UK – oh, and a damn good night!

Which new and upcoming artist(s) would you consider collaborating with?
It’s funny you should ask actually because I’m planning the new compilation album from my record label San City High All Stars Volume 2, which focuses on emerging talent, right now! There are a lot of up-and-coming names I am very excited about getting on board – most of whom, I’m aware, won’t be familiar to people yet – but introducing new talent to the masses is my favourite thing about running a record label! Keep an eye on Paul Sirrell, Chris Gresswell, Hybrid Theory, Billy Kenny, Taiki & Nulight, and I Killed Kenny – all of whom are fantastic producers!

Industry veteran, producer, and radio host for both BBC Radio 1 AND Sirius XM Danny Howard fills us in on who (and what) is scorching hot this season:
VIBE: Favorite summer pastime?
Danny Howard: If you’d asked me a few years ago I might have given you a different answer but it’s got to be Ibiza! Sun, beaches and a summer residency at Pacha – what’s not to love about that? Obviously being from Britain means we have to make the most of any opportunity to be in the sun!! 😉

We’re halfway through 2014. Who do you feel has emerged as a breakthrough artist thus far?
That’s got to be Bontan, without a doubt. He was Pete Tong’s ‘Future Star’ when I covered for Pete the other day and definitely someone who has earned that position. Since “Got A Feeling” smashed things, he’s gone from strength to strength and with a release on Cajmere’s Cajual label and a remix of Clean Bandit’s ‘Extraordinary’ still to come, he’s certainly one to watch…

How do you go about putting together your BBC Radio One show, Dance Anthems, each week? How do you decide which records to include?
It’s tough I can tell you that!! And technically I have to do two shows each week – my show for BBC and also for Sirius in the US – so it’s twice as hard! I spend a lot of time going through all the promos each I get sent and then the ones I instantly connect with, I listen to again on fresh ears maybe one hour or even a day later to test if it still has that same impact. I listen to tracks on the road, on the plane, at the gym (which is a good way to see how much energy a track has… if it keeps me pushing harder in the workout! ha). The rest of the shows are made up from the hottest tunes of the moment so it’s a case of really keeping my ear to the ground and making sure I know what’s being played and what tunes are sounding fresh.

San Francisco’s Trevor Simpson is a radio personality, DJ, and World Town Inc. founder who naturally fell into his craft. VIBE caught up with the budding star to talk music, industry trends, and summer plans:
VIBE: You’ve got two big cuts on Summer Bangers 2014. We’re really feeling your recent collab with Reggae artist, Keznamdi, which oozes summer vibes. How did you guys link up?
Trevor Simpson: I met Kez through a mutual friend that was working with him while attending school at Ex’pressions college. I loved his music and thought that fusing house music and reggae was something that would make for a unique blend. We spoke on the phone a few times and it was apparent that we had good chemistry when it came to the sound and feel of the music. “Watching You” grew out of one of his original hip-hop/reggae tunes and we reworked it into a bangin’ electro tune!

As a guy who’s worked on both sides of the industry as a radio DJ and personality, but also as the artist; which artist(s) would you say are sonically changing the landscape of dance music?
In a medium like electronic music, you always have innovators followed by tons of imitators. Interestingly enough, one of the ways to stay innovative is by identifying and working with young artists that push the sound. I think most of the big producers understand this, and thus the sound keeps evolving. This “return to house or deep house” trend that we are seeing is very interesting. I come from SF deep house roots. A lot of people are now listening to deeper sounds like Duke Dumont, Disclosure, Julian Jordan etc, but I haven’t seen it translate to the main arena at festivals or the big room clubs yet. I always push the sound in my DJ sets, so I think there are places to drop down to 122 BPM and play some soulful house and make it work with the energy in the room. Regardless it’s great to see this younger generation of EDM fans broadening their pallet for different genres that have more substance than the big room bangers.

What is one thing you’re most looking forward to this summer?
Well I’m not going to give the cliche answer and say “festivals and pool season.” To me, summer is about experiences, traveling, and being inspired by the warmth and beauty of the bountiful months.

1. Jamie Stewart – In My Mind
2. Trevor Simpson – Whirling Dervish
3. Neo & Denton8 – Turn Up The Bass
4. Danny Howard & Futuristic Polar Bears – Thundergod
5. Trevor Simpson & David Jones – Rollin’ Deep
6. Kissy Sell Out feat. Holly Lois – The Promise
7. Trevor Simpson feat. Keznamdi – Watching You
8. Alexis Salgado – Touch The Sky
9. Kosplay feat. Andy Manning – Only The Brave
10. Bouvier & Barona feat. Abigail – Surrender