Omarion Celebrates Baby Shower With Girlfriend Apryl Jones

Omarion is well on his way to becoming Daddy O. This past weekend, he and his very pregnant girlfriend Apryl Jones hosted one of their two baby showers in Los Angeles.

The two let the world know that they were expecting a baby boy back in February, appropriately on Valentine’s Day. Apryl took to Instagram saying, “Hi daddy @1omarion another king is born. #greatestdad #NewMom.” Omarion replied, “Say hi 🙂 #comingsoon #thelegacybegins @aprylsjones is my heart, what a great gift! #ecstatic.”

In May, O solidified his call to fatherhood by posting on Instagram, “I do not have fear in becoming a father. Being a father is the most important role I will ever play & if I don’t do this well, no other thing I do really matters. #real me and babe @apryljones first.”

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