‘On The Run’ Possibly 2nd Most Successful Tour Ever

In a feat that should be shocking to no one, Jay Z and Beyonce’sOn The Run” tour is on pace to become the second most successful tour ever. According to Forbes, the Carters are nearing one million ticket sales which will equal a gross profit of $100 million. They come second only to U2’s 360 Tour, which raked in a total of $736 million back in 2011 – after 110 shows to Bey-Z’s 20.

Jay Z and Beyonce have also extended their (is “highly-anticipated” accurate enough?) joint tour to now include two exclusive European dates. On Sept. 12 and 13, the Carters will hit the Stade de France in Paris after a month-long break following their final U.S. date in San Francisco. A special version of their theatrical promo trailer was released upon the announcement:

The “On The Run” tour kicks off on June 25 at the SunLife Stadium in Miami.

Author: Iyana Robertson