One Pastor’s Sermon To The Congregation: ‘These Hoes Ain’t Loyal’

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Usually people go to church to get some time alone with their higher power, spiritual healing and a serious Word. One Maryland congregation got a one-liner from Chris Brown’s hit of the year, “Loyal.” During Baltimore Pastor Jamal Bryant of the Empowerment Temple’s sermon on being the enemy’s worst nightmare, he took a page out of the gospel of Breezy (after asking the saints for forgiveness, of course):

“Every sister, just elbow another sister and say, ‘He should’ve listened.’ Every brother, would you tap another brother and say, ‘I should’ve listened to her.’ God help me. Old saints, y’all forgive me. But I gotta tell ya, these hoes ain’t loyal!”

Semi-shockingly, the crowd erupted in hoots, hollers, standing ovations, a few yassss’s and a definitive “You better say that!” Pastor Bryant had to ask the excited congregation to return to their seats so he could continue with his message. Did he cross the line with the controversial “Loyal” reference? Judge for yourself in the clip above and the entire sermon here or below.