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The 75 Best Quotes From ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 2

Netflix made season 2 of Orange Is The New Black available on Friday (June 6), and Litchfield fiends have been binging on their fav prison drama ever since. The re-up finds Piper getting betrayed by family and friends and a villain (with a capital Vee) returning to terrorize the crew.

In between the drama are plenty of quotables. Warning: if you didn’t make it through all 13 episodes, bookmark these 75 best one-liners for later.

“You don’t go Jessica Simpson when you’ve got Rihanna.” -Morello

“Are you famous or something… You’re Lindsay Lohan.” -Mazall

“I’m a predator, bitch. Ain’t no fun if you offer.” -“The Gun,” male inmate

“You seem so calm. Are you a murderer?” -Brook Soso

“I am a sexual Steve Jobs. And that bitch is worth 10 points.” -Nicky

“It’s called grammar, tonta.” -Flaca

“You know, karma wise, your people had this coming.” -Black Cindy to white inmate

“I’m not the one who started a Negro League tobacco shack.” -Nicky

“She will go Wolverine on your ass.” -Taystee

“This year, I’m loving someone who deserves me. Me.” -Crazy Eyes

“It’s like they’re getting special privileges and we the black people.” Maritza

“You’ve been lording over this group like some Hillary Clinton dictator.” -Leanne

“You decide to tell me that with your flaccid dick in my mouth?” -Piper

“If you’re not building a future, it’s because you don’t believe there is a future.” -Vee

“Yeah I said stupid twice, only to emphasize how stupid that is!” -Pennsatucky

“It’s so disappointing being underestimated as you age.” -Irma

“Man, they fuckin’ us this way ’cause they know our people’s predisposition for hypertension.” -Poussey

“Maybe I’ll Pinterest. I hear that’s a thing.” -Morello

Photo Credit: Netflix

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