Premiere: Robin Thicke ‘Too Little Too Late’ (Snippet)

Robin Thicke has a case of the woulda’-shoulda’-coulda’ on this new track from his apologetic album, Paula.

On “Too Little Too Late,” the crooner contemplates on all the ways he took a lady—presumably the album’s muse and estranged wife, Paula Patton—for granted.

“Every time you walked through that door/I should’ve spun you around and around like the kitchen was a dance floor,” Thicke sings, regretting the kisses he never laid and feet he never rubbed.

The track, debuted as a snippet here on VIBE, is a taste of what’s to come from Robin Thicke’s seventh album, seemingly a last-ditch effort to reconcile with his woman and sell a busload of albums at the same damn time. You can help him with half of that goal on Tuesday (July 1), when the project is released. Preorder Paula on iTunes here—it’s not too late. —John Kennedy