Premiere: Two Fresh Remixes Quadron “Favorite Star”

As a new generation of music and tastemakers develops, we begin to see how their upbringing separates them from the rest. The latest up-and-coming beatsmiths to emerge on the scene grew up in an era of ever expanding technology that has helped to enable them to experiment in ways old-schoolers had never previously dreamed of. Whether it was the synth heavy stylings of early electronica or the boundary pushing sound of ‘90s hip-hop, the youth of today has been able to hone the past and have it serve as their nostalgic guide to their future.

With the Millennial Generation taking the wheel, electronic music has quickly been brought to the forefront of today’s music culture, and has been led in many new directions that spans over countless genres. One family that is looking to lead this front is twin brothers Kendrick and Sherwyn Nicholls, otherwise known as Two Fresh. Nicknamed Kendo and Shweez, this Denver based duo has quickly garnered the attention of some of electronic music’s biggest players. Known for their spacey and experimental sound laced with hip-hop samples and beats, Two Fresh have been able to stand out from the pack and dazzle audiences with their broad spectrum of talent. The two have shared the stage with acts such as Just Blaze, 12th Planet, and even served as support on Skrillex’s Mothership Tour.

Two Fresh’s latest project is a remix of Danish indie group Quadron’s hit single, “Favorite Star.” What originated as a jazz pop tune, “Favorite Star” has been given new life by Two Fresh, transforming it into a sultry dance track. Paying homage to the original with its opening piano line, Two Fresh’s remix of “Favorite Star” draws you in from the start as it slowly builds into the beat. By adding layers of synths and subtle guitar samples, Quadron’s soulful vocals are allowed to playfully juxtapose against the beat, creating a track that is as multidimensional as the producers themselves. With their brand new EP, “Blimpus” to be released on SMOG Records later this summer, Two Fresh’s remix of “Favorite Star” is a sign of only bright things to come.