President Obama Rants About Senseless Mass Shootings

President Obama has had enough of Congress and their failure to pass gun laws. Business Insider reports that POTUS went on a rant in response to a question about the surge of mass shootings in the last few weeks, specifically referring to recent gunfire in a Portland-area high school.

“The fact that 20 6-year-olds were gunned down in the most violent fashion possible and this town couldn’t do anything about it was stunning to me,” stated a frustrated Obama.

Not only are these mass shootings too frequent in suburban schools across the country, but also in cities like New Orleans, Los Angeles and, especially Chicago, which has been the site of extreme gun violence.

President Obama’s solution? Congress needs to start passing gun control laws to limit these mass shootings, much like Australia’s government.

What do you think, Vixens? Is gun control the best solution?

Photo Credit Washington Post