Rapper Claims She Caused Drama in Bey-Z’s Marriage

Liv Instagram

Remember rapper Liv? Yeah, we don’t either but we know Beyonce does, unfortunately. The rapper—named pronounced “live”—claims in her song “The Invasion: Part 2,” that in 2008 Jay Z tried to make her his Miami side piece. Out of respect for Beyonce, she supposedly turned the mistress opportunity down.

“The song about my life has been construed into something it’s not. I was not saying he cheated on her with me. I was saying I was given the opportunity to compromise myself and I took the route to not do that,” LIV explained her song to HollywoodLife last year. “I would tell Beyoncé the drama is unintentional, the respect is real. If you listen to the song, you’ll understand why I came out with the story. I’m not sorry, it happened, but I’m going to express my story in my songs. I do apologize for how you feel — I love her and respect her. The reason I didn’t go there and pursue something with Jay is because of Beyoncé. It’s not intentional to hurt her or embarrass her or put her business out there.”

Now, Life & Style magazine referenced her as one of the three women Jay Z’s been romantically linked with (Rihanna was also included). In her segment, she says Blue Ivy’s father once cornered her in the hallway in front of Bey’s sister, “Solange was so upset when she saw him talking to me.”

After the story was published, the alleged side chick took to her Instagram to confirm the legitimacy of the article: “This mag got the story 100% correct .Jay and I met on the set of a commercial…. He fell heads over heels for me but I chose not to pursue him out of respect for Bey…. Not too many women show each other that kind of honor…. So no, I did not sleep WITH JAY Z…. But YEs, I could have #RespectMyHustle #REALwomanSHIT #lifeandstylemagazine”

The Knowles-Carter clan, as expected, remains mum, but if her story gets anymore play, we can expect a joint statement from the camp.

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