Reality Recap: Bad Girls Club: Chicago ‘Reddemption’

In the sixth episode of The Bad Girls Club: Chicago Reddemption, life coach Laura makes a return to the house to speak with the girls individually about their personal issues. While some girls found Laura helpful, others were aggravated by her presence.

Slim identified that keeping quite is not always the best way to handle things and learns that she needs to stand up for herself more.

Both Loren and Jada work out their anger issues positively by weeding out the important things to fight for vs. the non-important things.

Aysia learns that she can come off as a target just by her body language, and is taught how to walk with confidence.

Blu takes on a challenge from Laura promising to be her eyes and ears of the house and help the girls identify their problems when Laura isn’t there.

Redd gets aggravated when Laura hints that she is acting like a bully, but after speaking with Blu she tries to make a real effort to change her ways after she feels the consequences of her actions.

Brit is the only one who completely shuts Laura out saying that nothing is wrong with her and that she really doesn’t even want to talk to her.

After making peace with Aysia in the last episode Brit becomes annoyed with everything about Jada. After glamming it up at the BGC promo photo shoot, Brit is ready to fight Jada when she to jump on the computer even though Slim called it. Surprisingly, Redd is the one to step in-between the girls, telling Brit that it’s not worth it.

Although the blows weren’t thrown between Brit and Jada, the tension between the two still remains. Check out the preview for next week’s episode A Diamond Is Not Forever.

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