Reality Recap: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ‘Change of Course’

In this episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta “Change of Course,” it seemed as if every couple was reshaping their relationship. Some were for the better; others for the worse.

Already on the outs with Puerto Rican princess Joseline, Stevie J. wanted to make things right with his ‘wife,’ so he decided to charm his way back into her heart with a little love in the tub. Meanwhile, Rasheeda needs a break from all of the drama in her life so she, Karli Redd and Kaleena hit the road for a girls’ trip to New Orleans.

On the way there Karli tells the girls about her run-in with Benzino and his new girlfriend Althea. After “messy mouth” Kirk started rumors, the couple believed that Karli wanted Benzino back, but Karli says that was not the case at all. She is happy with Young Joc and in typical Karli Redd style she decided the best way to show how much happier she was with Joc was by posting a pic stich of Joc and Benzino’s man parts side by side to compare.

Karli wasn’t the only one talking about Benzino’s new girl. After hearing that Althea had been involved with baby daddy, Stevie J., and her man Nikko, Mimi confronted Nikko to make sure that Althea was solely apart of the past. Nikko immaturely tells Mimi that he could get Althea if he wanted to which later causes Mimi to bring up the lipstick stains that she found on the inside of shirt collar. After going off Mimi decides to send Nikko packing and kicks him out the house.

Erica Dixon also lets her man O’Shea (The Model) go. Erica tells her friend that she is tired of being the sugar mama and caring the relationship. After analyzing her current relationship she decides to meet up with her baby daddy Scrappy and tell him how being with O’Shea helped her appreciate the things he did for their family. When O’Shea finds out that Erica met up with Scrappy he drives off and leaves but he runs out of gas and needs Erica to come and give him gas money. “His a** can’t even make a dramatic exit without my help”, says Erica.

While the girls are living it up in NOLA, Rasheeda gets a call from her mother saying that Kirk took a DNA test for baby Karter. Rasheeda is once again hurt by her husband’s actions but her friends decide that they will not let be down. On there way back to the hotel from a masquerade party, everyone is shocked to find Kirk standing their waiting for his wife. He apologizes for the numerous mistakes he has made in their relationship and puts his and her wedding rings back on. Through her heartfelt tears, Rasheeda says that she accepts her husband’s apology but she has to really think about if she can handle staying with him and moving forward.

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images