Reality Recap: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta ‘Three-Way, No Way’

Love and Hip hop atlanta


Waka and Tammy need to make an appearance on the show. We haven’t seen or heard anything about the couple in the last two weeks and if they want to be signed on for next season they need to start grabbing viewers interest.

A fist fight is in the near future for Joseline and Althea and our bets are on the Puerto Rican Princess, because when it comes to her man Steebie, she’s going all out.

Rasheeda and Kirk are good for now but Rasheeda’s mama is gonna change all that. Mama will agree to work things out but she’ll secretly be plotting to make sure the relationship ends for good.

Mimi will continue to feel the heat of her sex tape and continue to stay with nasty Nikko despite all the evidence that proves he is the one who released the sex tape.

Previews of the next episode show Benzino in the hospital, we will find out that it is from an altercation with one of his family members.

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