Reality Recap—The Bad Girl’s Club: Chicago ‘Seeing Redd’

In the fifth episode of the Bad Girls Club: Chicago, the girls take a break from all the tension in the house and head to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, but even by the lovely lake shores the girls can’t seem to get along.

In the last episode, a clear division could be noticed among the housemates. On one side there is Brit, Redd, Loren and (sometimes) Blu also known as the Fab Four, while on the other side there is Jada, Aysia and Slim. Blu is growing tired of the remaining Fab Four’s antics towards Aysia, specifically Redd’s, and she is starting to consider Redd a bully, calling her an actor who only “performs” if there’s an audience.

On the ride to the lake, Brit, Redd and Loren complained about how much they can’t stand Aysia and right when they get to the boat house Redd and the other two girls immediately start screaming at Aysia.

The girls enjoy some fun in the sun while jet skiing playfully. All seems well until they return to the boat house, where tensions between Redd and Jada get out of hand and result in a fight. All the girls are shocked that Redd would fight someone three times her size and her two closest friends in the house, Loren and Brit, start to look at her differently.

After all the girls—except Redd work well together at a Wisconsin outdoor ropes course, Blu talks to Lo and Brit about Redd’s constant negativity and convinces them to stop their beef with Aysia. They decide to separate themselves from Redd.

When they get back to the house. Everyone notices the shift in the house dynamic and when Redd threatens to fight Aysia, Aysia decides to stand up for herself and take on Redd. This time however, Redd backs down from the fight because she says her stomach “really hurts.” Ouch.

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Photo Credit(s): Getty Images