Report, Replay, Repeat: Barack Obama Gym Playlist

Obama Addresses The National Prayer Breakfast

Leading the free world doesn’t stop Barack Obama from keeping his manly figure. Over the weekend, our precious pres broke a sweat during a quick workout in the Marriott Hotel gym in Poland. In a short viral video, POTUS can be seen lifting weights, hitting lunges, and kicking some serious cardio.

“Obama routinely works out at hotel gyms during his travels. Hotel guests are permitted to remain in the gym during his workouts. Anyone who stays in a hotel where Obama is spending the night must pass through a metal detector.” The Secret Service said in a statement to confirm the video’s legitimacy.

Guests occupying the gym at the time of Obama’s visit were allowed to photograph and videotape the rare personal sighting of the world leader. In honor of Michelle’s hubby getting fit, check out our workout playlist.