RossFit: Rick Ross Slims Down

Looks like Rick Ross is trading in his WingStop lemon pepper wings for more healthier options.

The MMG Bawse reportedly shed over an estimated 100 pounds thanks to his new healthy lifestyle. Rozay owes part of his weight loss to Reebok’s CrossFit program, or as he likes to call it, “RossFit.” The Reebok endorsed brand also hooked the rapper up with a trainer that introduced Ross to a load of fat-burning, muscle-building, and timely workouts.

In an interview with British DJ, Tim Westwood, he spoke about his new choices in food. “But now, they, they, you know, they give me fruit to eat. I forgot what fruit, you know, tasted like. I eat pears now and shit like that.”

This is a big turn-around for the rapper-mogul after he experienced health issues in 2011, having experienced two seizures and multiple hospitalizations. He told WKYS 93.9 FM in Washington, DC, “It was just time for me to tighten up a little bit, you know what I’m saying? As far as, you know, me working out…I have no destination, no specific weight.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/richforever

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