Rihanna Sued For Alleged Plagiarism In ‘Rockstar 101′ Video

An artist is calling Rihanna a bad gal.

James Clar is reportedly suing the singer for plagiarism, accusing her of copying one of his works in her 2010 video for “Rockstar 101,” The Art Daily News reports.

Clar’s 2006 piece “You & Me” is comprised of neon tubes stuck to a ceiling that spell “you” and more tubes below it that spell “me.” The artist says that in the “Rockstar 101″ video, Rihrih stole the same concept but spelled out “rock” and “star” instead.

The Bajan bombshell may not come out victorious in this one. Clar, who is American, is filing the suit in France where “French laws on plagiarism are more favorable in France than in the US.” His claim can be backed because the video was published on universalmusic.fr.
Clar is seeking 4.9 million euros in damages, wh?ich is the equivalent of $6.64 million.

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