Wait A Minute: Did Brandon Jennings Offer Nick Young Drugs?

Well this is awkward. It’s known that the party life of the rich and famous can get crazy, but we didn’t expect to see the madness in action. In a now deleted Instagram clip, rapper The Game may have caught a real-time attempted drug transaction between b-ballers in the club.

Footage of what looks like Nick Young (L.A. Lakers) refusing a white pill from a shirtless and noticeably jolly Brandon Jennings (Detroit Pistons) is raising a few eyebrows. No one can verify if the substance was ecstasy, a pain reliever or a Tic Tac, but Swaggy P wasn’t trying to have any of it. He politely laughed and turned away from Jennings’ outstretched hand.

If the scenario is what it looks like from the other side of the LCD screen, it isn’t looking good for the league’s next drug test. Was it molly or was it candy? Judge for yourself in the video below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images