Shade? Kanye West Omits Jay Z’s Name From Lyrics

Jay-Z Kanye West

We’re taking it Jay Z missed the “bros before hoes” part of his wolf pack speech with Kanye West. We aren’t stirring the feud pot but it Jay might be adding his bestie, Kanye to a list of his 99 problems.

Earlier this week Kris Jenner cleared the air on the Carter noticeable absence from KimYe’s wedding.

“There was so much commotion and excitement I never, ever even gave that a second thought. I think that there was so much going on that if you would’ve been there you would’ve thought that was the last thing on anybody’s mind.”

However that anybody might be her new son-in-law. While Bey Z’s snub didn’t bother his Kim’s mom, the producer felt otherwise of his first choice best man.

In a June 7 performance for the X games in Austin, Texas, Kanye West omitted Jay Z’s name in any of his lyrics. For his song “Cold” (“Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team”) and “Blood on the Leaves”—”I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to Jay Z”—the rapper replaced his name with silence.

Vixens, what do you think? Is Jay Z unforgiven by Kanye or did the new hubby have a memory flop?

Press play to listen for yourself.