Spike Lee’s ‘Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus’

Spike Lee is known for his good movies, so there was no surprise to hear that his newest film Da Sweet Blood of Jesus had people talking. The romantic horror flick, which premiered at this year’s African American film festival, is a remake on the 1973 cult film Ganja & Hess by Bill Gunn.

Lee’s film stars Stephen Tyrone Williams as Dr. Greene, a scholar who finds an African Ashanti blade that he ends up being pierced with, creating his thirst for human blood. The film also stars Zaraah Abrahams as Ganja, the strikingly beautiful widow of Dr. Greene’s research partner. The two fall in love and Ganja contributes to his need for blood.

The film’s non-stop gore, violence and sex can be overbearing at times, but Lee’s ability to overlap multiple perspectives in the mist of chaos makes the film a must see. Da Blood of Jesus will leave you with many unanswered questions to contemplate after the credits roll.

via VIBEVixen

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images