Stevie J Arrested For Allegedly Owing A Million Dollars In Child Support

Stevie J has been cuffed for skipping out on child support payments, estimating over a million dollars, TMZ reports. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was seen being hauled away by cops from his Atlanta home on Tuesday (June 10).

Back in March, the veteran producer, real name Steven Jordan, was served with a subpoena by Project Child Support on behalf of Carol Antoinette Bennett, who claims that Jordan owed the hefty amount in back child support from the past 16 years.

Stevie racked up the debt from relations with his then-girlfriend, Bennett, in the late nineties, who had two of his kids. in 1999, a judge ordered Stevie to pay $6,000 a month, which was soon raised to $8,500. He made consistent payments for a while, but in 2001, he stopped paying altogether. He now reportedly owes a grand total of $1,107,412.

In an interview with The Urban Daily, Bennett said, ”My kids are 14 and 16. He has not made a voluntary payment in years. There’s a court order in place to pay x amount per month. If you don’t pay that, even if you can come close, it technically didn’t occur. He’s missed 168 payments. The reason why, this (is) my own speculation, because he’s been able to get away with it, why not keep doing it? Where’s the enforcement at? Okay, he doesn’t have a passport. He can still live, he’s jet not going out of the country. It’s just being negligent and not taking responsibility for your kids, but he doesn’t mind doing it for any other women.”

Stevie still has criminal charges to face in New York.

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