Tamar Braxton Covers Upscale Magazine

Tamar Braxton’s goes big and blond for Upscale’s July cover.

The most outspoken Braxton has no problem keeping it straight for her spread with the magazine, especially when it comes to her marriage. The Love and War singer reveals her relationship with her husband and manager Vince Herbert has evolved post-Logan.

“We have to get along or else we couldn’t get anything done,” she shares. “The level of respect for each other has increased and also, we’ve grown up because of it. The maturity of the relationship has matured. I know I’ve matured. Now he’s a father, I’m a mother. We don’t have time for that.”

She also discusses social media: “Everything I post is not personal for me—everybody thinks they know what the hell you’re talking about.” And her notorious big mouth: “It took me a long time to understand that just because somebody is talking about something around me or to me does not mean that they want me to always talk or have something to say or want my opinion.” And then brought it to the side chicks: “[being a side chick is] something that people are proud of these days—sometimes you don’t know. But when you do know, you shouldn’t be proud of it.”

Check out her full interview on stands now.