Thandie Newton Not Happy With Makeup Company

Thandie Newton Not Happy With Makeup Company

“There’s this ghettoisation of make-up right now” said actress Thandie Newton while speaking out against the lack of makeup suitable for black women.

Last week Newton condemned Boots, a popular UK beauty supply brand for their lack of diverse beauty products shades. Newton accused Boots of stocking darker make-up shades only during the launch of a new product, and after, replacing them with lighter shades.

Newton spoke to Mail Online stating, “If the make-up was in there longer, the girls would go and get it and then the stores would get more, and they’d realize that everybody wants it, and then they would stock it.”

Newton also condemned advertising companies for their lack of black models used in the store pictures. A spokesperson for Boots stated that the brand feels “disappointed” by the comments. “It is disappointing when we hear our customers feel we can’t meet their beauty needs, as many of the beauty brands available in store and [online] offer a range of products for black skin,” said Boots.

Photo Credit: Michael Birt