The Dream is Real: Ralph Lauren by the Smithsonian

When you think of American fashion, Ralph Lauren springs to mind, as you simply can’t have one without the other. (He gave the polo shirt mass appeal. How could you not?) And fortunately, the Smithsonian has not let his extensive work go unnoticed.

This Tuesday (June 17), at the National Museum of American History, the auteur of All-American style was honored with the James Smithson Bicentennial Medal for his patriotism, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. The son of Belarus immigrants who ventured to the Bronx, New York, no one imagined Lauren would go on to be one of the most respected and reputable American designers today. At 74 years old with nearly five decades of designing under his fashionablebelt, Lauren has captured the red, white, and blue vision of America that symbolizes our nation with his traditional and classic style.

The Smithsonian award citation honored Lauren “for his embodiment of the American experience,” inspiring individuals globally and proving that the dream is real, all in the name of fashion.