Trey Songz Reveals Details On New Album And Song With Nicki Minaj

He’s known as Trey Songz, but based on his bed squeaking, sex-themed music, Songz could be called Dr. Knockboot.

The Virginia native spoke with Billboard to offer sex and love advice to your lackluster sex partner. Mr. Steal Your Girl also discussed his upcoming sixth studio album, Trigga, Justin Bieber, and a steamy collaboration that Songz recorded with YMCMB artist, Nicki Minaj, that will definitely leave panties and boxers moist.

“She talking crazy. She killed it. I’m proud of Nicki,” Songz said of the Pink Barbie-assisted, “Touchin, Lovin,” a song off the Trigga album. The thug loving crooner also praised Minaj for her growth in the music industry. “I’m so proud of her. Just to see her evolve into what she is now. She’s so smart and intelligent to have masterminded the whole Nicki Minaj rise to where she is now.”

Triggaman also has a collaboration with Justin Bieber titled “Foreign.” Like many other artists, Songz came to the Biebs’ defense by saying that he made a mistake. “I really like the way he’s developing as an artist. With the latest thing that’s come out, with him saying the n-word years ago, I think for him to develop as an artist and do whatever it is that he wants to do, musically, and take all the scrutiny that does, I think it’s hard to deal with….I think he does a great job with it,” Songz said.

Trigga is slated for a July 1 release.

Photo Credit: Getty Images