Usher Talks Bobby Womack, 2014 BET Awards, And Chris Brown Writes: During our second day at the 2014 BET Awards radio room, we were lucky enough to sit down with Usher to remember the late, great Bobby Womack. As fans of the legendary soul singer, we asked Ursh about his earliest memories with Bobby’s music. Stay tuned for more of Usher’s interview.

“I can remember as a kid, jut hearing incredible, incredible Blues and R&B music,” Usher tells Miss Info. “If You Think You’re Lonely” is one of those songs that my grandmother would always play. I don’t know what it was, she just loved that song.”

“Redefining music was what they did the every time they went to the studio–artists of that era. Bobby Womack is a classic [artist] and will always be. “