VIBE Interview: NBA Draft Prospect Tyler Ennis Talks Turning Pro, His Favorite Rappers And Celebrity Baes


Here’s a little insider secret: Everyone involved in the behind the scenes side of basketball has “their draft.” The group of kids who they’ve watched mature as young men and athletes, who are now ready to realize their dreams. This year’s NBA Draft means a little more to me in the regard that I’ve seen the work some of these players have put in to get to this point.

Former Syracuse guard, Tyler Ennis is one of those players I knew before the hype, the big media outlets, the joys, pressures and happenings that you just can’t prepare for or understand until you reach the pro level. While the two of us sat down for a one on one interview, one of the people from his management team walked towards us, and his family who were chilling in earshot, with a super perplexed look on his face as he reading something on his phone.

“Umm, I just got a text that Tyler’s hosting a party tonight at Sky Room. The club, Sky Room. Does anyone know about that?”

The group loudly laughs it off, realizing this a welcome to the world that Tyler’s now a part of. I just couldn’t resist pointing out the obvious.

“And so it starts.”

Before he walks across that stage at the Barclays Center for that life changing experience, Ennis gave us insight on the whole college to pro process, the reason why so many kids from Canada are now making major impacts in hoops and which celebrity ladies he’d holler at once he reaches a new level of fame.