Vixen Boombox: Miley Cyrus ‘Pretty Girls (Fun)’

Miley Cyrus

Craving more Miley?

Well, your prayers have been answered! Kind of. A previously unreleased Bangerz leftover called “Pretty Girls (Fun)” surfaced online today (June 2) and it’s a reasonably enjoyable (but seemingly unfinished) Mike WiLL Made It production about tearing up the club and having a good time. No great surprise there.

While the lyrics are fairly generic (apart from the hilarious quip “mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the flyest of them all?”), the chunky club beat goes exceptionally hard and Miley sing/talks her way through the song with attitude. Oh, and there’s already an unofficial remix. Someone mashed “Pretty Girls (Fun)” with E-40 “Chitty Bang” and it sounds surprisingly good.

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Photo Credit: Getty