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Vixen Chat: Logan Browning Talks Tinder and TV

Logan Browning

Logan Browning stars as delicious Devil Girls captain, Jelena—part dance team owner and full-time hard-ass. Since VH1's Hit The Floor's debut, the catty queen has never missed a beat and reminds us weekly just how conniving and vindictive she can be. Ironic, considering how sweet and humble the real-life Browning is in comparison to her Devil Girls persona.

"I give all props and credits to James and all the writers because that is not an easy person to write for because she literally is putting on an act. It's hard enough to act like someone putting on an act but to then be coming up with it on the spot, oh I couldn’t do that."

As season two of the summer sizzler steams up our screens every Monday night we learned more about what's in store for the revenge queen, "I think the fans are going to be really surprised with the storyline in a good way because it’s going to be the same thing as last year, just even more mystery."

Flip the page to learn more about HTF's Jelena, find out if she'd pose nude, and what happened when she joined the dating app Tinder. And you won't believe some of her answers to our Questions Of The Day...

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Logan Browning
VIBE Vixen: How excited are you for season two of Hit The Floor?

Logan Browning: We have a new director of photography this year and he’s from Vampire Diaries, so the show looks a lot different this year. We have new hair and make-up. There are little changes here and there that are going to be really interesting and then obviously the storyline is just amplified, so we’ve been so ready for everyone to see the show. We’ve been waiting and we’re just so excited.

When the show originally aired how did everyone take your character?

It’s funny because I’ll look at my mentions on social media and I’ll look at the #HitTheFloor hashtag and they’re totally different. People that @ me on Twitter usually say good things and then when I go to the #HitTheFloor hashtag it’s everything over the moon. Some people are excited that Jelena came back and she’s the same person she was when she left. Some people are like, 'she has an attitude why doesn’t she just go away.' I think the fans are going to be really surprised with the storyline in a good way because it’s going to be the same thing as last year, just even more mystery. I’m going to be like on the #HitTheFloor hashtag all season just to see what people are going to say.

Do you think that people are going to be sympathetic at all to anything that happens to you during the season?

I feel like there are always some little bits of sympathetic moments. Not completely, but for instance in the first episode when Jelena walks away after she sees Terrence for the first time and she turns around and sees another chick there. At first you’re like, 'oh, ha ha that’s what you get,' then you’re like 'aww, they had a relationship.' So you feel a little bit bad for her, but not really she deserves it. It’s going to be a whirlwind this season for Jelena. I’m really excited about what James wrote. You’re definitely going to get to learn why Jelena is the way she is, which I feel like is the one thing people want. They’re like, 'I don’t get it. She’s mean, okay, but I don’t get it.'


Logan Browning

Is there anything that they haven’t touched upon that you’re hoping they will?

I don’t know. The fun part is that there are so many secrets that the audience doesn’t know about and they won’t know about until they air. There really is so much this season that I don’t really know what else I can ask for, it’s just like Christmas every episode. You’re really going to be like 'omg' every episode. We have some new writers, so the writing is a little different from last season. It’s crazy.

What was your initial reaction to Olivia’s death during the reading?

We were all the same like 'omg, omg, omg' because we knew that she wasn’t going to be in our second season. She was going to be doing some other projects, but we didn’t know what was going to happen to her in our show. So, when we read that she was going to be in the dirt it was a big omg moment. It’s not just like 'oh, someone dies,' it’s the big storyline. You’re going to be like 'who did it.' Everyone’s going to be trying to figure out why and who’s behind it. It’s going to be a really big storyline for the season, so it’s going to be fun.

Taylour Paige Logan Browning

Are you hoping that her and Ahsha join forces?

I’m interested to see because Jelena doesn’t have many friends. The one friend she did have was Raquel and she kind of burnt that bridge a little bit in season one. I think it would take a lot for Jelena and Ahsha to become friends. Maybe amicable is a better word than friends because if they can’t even get along then friends are out of the question. It’s interesting because this season Ahsha is fair game and she’s also playing the game. She’s not that naïve and new. Now, she’s been on the season for a year, so she’s got cojones. You saw in episode one and she’s like 'I don’t know what you think is going to be different, I’m still here.' I don’t think she had the courage to do that last season.

Are you the jokester on set?

[Laughs] We all are. We’re crazy. We’re all so crazy. Taylor calls me her big little sister because I’m so annoying. That’s the kind of jokester I am. I’m just really, really annoying. If you’re around me you’ll be like ‘how do you play Jelena? You’re such a kid. You’re so immature’ [laughs].

You seem to not have a filter?

I used to be that way [laughs] when I was younger. I started working when I was 14 and I did a lot of Disney and Nickelodeon and I felt like everyone wanted me to say things a certain way and I will say I’ve learned so  much from being around all my co stars. Honestly part of the reason I’m more open and I feel like I’m more of myself is from being around Taylor [Paige] because Taylor literally has no filter and she’ll say whatever she wants and its the cutest thing.  So it just made me and all my cast members are just so open and genuine.  I can say I really can be who I want and say what I want and people are way more interested in that.



Would you ever help pay for your own engagement ring?

I think my honest answer would be no because I’m a really traditional girl. With that being said, if whoever I am marrying can’t afford the biggest ring, I won’t be mad. I feel like the person I marry, I hope we have the same traditions and no matter what he can afford it’s going to be special to me because it’s coming from him. When they pick something they paid for, the bride's family is supposed to pay for the wedding.

Which celebrity would you be most interested in reading a tell-all book about?

The Olsen twins. They were child stars and then came these entrepreneurs and have this separate life. I’d be really interested to learn what it was like for them or if they felt caught up. Did they stay away from that kind of life and what were the steps they took to start their business. Child stars have been going through a lot. I look at people like Miley Cyrus and see what she’s going through. I feel like you have so much more to prove to people when you’re a child star.

What’s one thing you wish men knew about you, or just about women in general?

I want to do me. I wish men knew that I like for them to be creative. Like, flowers are so nice sometimes, but be creative if you are going to get a gift. I'm just going to say it, my ex would call me sometimes and be like, “I was thinking, we could go get some food.” Like, you really need to ask me. I like to be asked. I’m not just hanging around waiting for you to ask me to go get some food. Like really proposition it. Like, “we haven’t seen each other in a really long time, I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing. I would love to take you to dinner if you’re free.” Just be prince charming while you’re dating and if you end up dating.

Who do you think cheats more, men or women?

Sings "These hoes ain’t loyal" [laughs]. I think girls have more fun. I think girls can be very slick about what they do and probably by the book “cheat more than men.” It’s hard because how do you define cheating. I feel like men do dog things. Like, they’ll have this great girl and then cheat. I feel like girls will be like, “I have this boyfriend that I haven’t seen in 2 ½ months, so I went on a date” and you’re like “what?”

Logan Browning

VVQOTD Answered Cont'd:

When's the right time to introduce your significant other to your family.

I mean shit I have gotten a date in so long it might be hard but my family lives in Georgia so that would be a big deal. It’s not like they live down the street in L.A and I could take them over for Easter or something. It would be a big deal. For me, it wouldn't necessarily have to be a certain amount of time as much as they would really have to line up with everything that I stand for, I believe in, everything I know my parents would want, and someone that I really see myself with. Honestly I can’t even get a date to the movies so [laughs] that probably won’t be for a minute.

You have a hard time finding a date?

Girl where am I gonna find a date? I went on Tinder four times. I deleted it every time I did it because I kept thinking I was going to find someone who was on there for the same reasons as me. Like I can’t find somebody because I’m always working and I’m not in school anymore  so where am I going to find someone? I went on e-Harmony and tried to do it and then they sent me an email telling me I had to pay for it so I was like never mind [laughs]. I keep getting emails saying ‘you have a match’  but its not really a match because I don’t pay for it.

Did you put your face as your profile?

Yeah, it’s my face. It was interesting. I feel like it was almost a year ago when Tinder first started and got really big and a lot of my friends were on it and that’s when it was really weird ‘cause like I did put my face on it. I didn’t put what I did on it so if people didn’t know they wouldn’t necessarily be able to figure it out. But I had so many mutual friends and like other actor friends who were on there  and I was like this is awkward. My friends’ boyfriends were on there like it was so weird.

Would you ever pose nude?

Oh my God! I don’t know. It makes me nervous. I feel like the typical answer is like if its for the right thing. I don’t know. I feel like it’s really hard for me to say. For one, I’m already on a show where I have to be half-naked all the time anyway so its like I’ve done a lot with my body that I thought I never would before, you know? I am a Christian and I have a big church at home in Atlanta and they watch the show. They know the stuff I do but I do wonder what the Christian community is going think about the things that I do. I actually care about young girls,  [they] are really important to me and how they view me and I don’t want to ever do something thats so bad that they can't look to me and respect me. So I feel like if were to ever do something like that it would most likely be for a movie or like HBO and not just posing just to be posing unless it was super artistic and even though I was nude I was still covered up somehow.

Would you pose for PETA?

I mean yeah. I would say that my mom has lots of furs so I don’t know if PETA would want me to do an ad for them [laughs]. I love animals. She’s got these gorgeous [furs] some of them are real, some of them aren’t, like only a couple are real. I remember growing up as a little girl seeing her wear them and they were so beautiful and she always promised me whenever she passed away I would get them and so those things were really special to me before I knew they were actual animals and that’s a little weird. It’s kind of already embedded in me thats its a really special thing with me and her. But I’m not really for the killing animals for clothes thing. All the furs that I own are all fake.


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