Vixen Chat: Logan Browning Talks Tinder and TV

Logan Browning
VIBE Vixen: How excited are you for season two of Hit The Floor?

Logan Browning: We have a new director of photography this year and he’s from Vampire Diaries, so the show looks a lot different this year. We have new hair and make-up. There are little changes here and there that are going to be really interesting and then obviously the storyline is just amplified, so we’ve been so ready for everyone to see the show. We’ve been waiting and we’re just so excited.

When the show originally aired how did everyone take your character?

It’s funny because I’ll look at my mentions on social media and I’ll look at the #HitTheFloor hashtag and they’re totally different. People that @ me on Twitter usually say good things and then when I go to the #HitTheFloor hashtag it’s everything over the moon. Some people are excited that Jelena came back and she’s the same person she was when she left. Some people are like, ‘she has an attitude why doesn’t she just go away.’ I think the fans are going to be really surprised with the storyline in a good way because it’s going to be the same thing as last year, just even more mystery. I’m going to be like on the #HitTheFloor hashtag all season just to see what people are going to say.

Do you think that people are going to be sympathetic at all to anything that happens to you during the season?

I feel like there are always some little bits of sympathetic moments. Not completely, but for instance in the first episode when Jelena walks away after she sees Terrence for the first time and she turns around and sees another chick there. At first you’re like, ‘oh, ha ha that’s what you get,’ then you’re like ‘aww, they had a relationship.’ So you feel a little bit bad for her, but not really she deserves it. It’s going to be a whirlwind this season for Jelena. I’m really excited about what James wrote. You’re definitely going to get to learn why Jelena is the way she is, which I feel like is the one thing people want. They’re like, ‘I don’t get it. She’s mean, okay, but I don’t get it.’