Vixen Chat: Logan Browning Talks Tinder and TV

Taylour Paige Logan Browning

Are you hoping that her and Ahsha join forces?

I’m interested to see because Jelena doesn’t have many friends. The one friend she did have was Raquel and she kind of burnt that bridge a little bit in season one. I think it would take a lot for Jelena and Ahsha to become friends. Maybe amicable is a better word than friends because if they can’t even get along then friends are out of the question. It’s interesting because this season Ahsha is fair game and she’s also playing the game. She’s not that naïve and new. Now, she’s been on the season for a year, so she’s got cojones. You saw in episode one and she’s like ‘I don’t know what you think is going to be different, I’m still here.’ I don’t think she had the courage to do that last season.

Are you the jokester on set?

[Laughs] We all are. We’re crazy. We’re all so crazy. Taylor calls me her big little sister because I’m so annoying. That’s the kind of jokester I am. I’m just really, really annoying. If you’re around me you’ll be like ‘how do you play Jelena? You’re such a kid. You’re so immature’ [laughs].

You seem to not have a filter?

I used to be that way [laughs] when I was younger. I started working when I was 14 and I did a lot of Disney and Nickelodeon and I felt like everyone wanted me to say things a certain way and I will say I’ve learned so  much from being around all my co stars. Honestly part of the reason I’m more open and I feel like I’m more of myself is from being around Taylor [Paige] because Taylor literally has no filter and she’ll say whatever she wants and its the cutest thing.  So it just made me and all my cast members are just so open and genuine.  I can say I really can be who I want and say what I want and people are way more interested in that.