Vixen Chat: Logan Browning Talks Tinder and TV



Would you ever help pay for your own engagement ring?

I think my honest answer would be no because I’m a really traditional girl. With that being said, if whoever I am marrying can’t afford the biggest ring, I won’t be mad. I feel like the person I marry, I hope we have the same traditions and no matter what he can afford it’s going to be special to me because it’s coming from him. When they pick something they paid for, the bride’s family is supposed to pay for the wedding.

Which celebrity would you be most interested in reading a tell-all book about?

The Olsen twins. They were child stars and then came these entrepreneurs and have this separate life. I’d be really interested to learn what it was like for them or if they felt caught up. Did they stay away from that kind of life and what were the steps they took to start their business. Child stars have been going through a lot. I look at people like Miley Cyrus and see what she’s going through. I feel like you have so much more to prove to people when you’re a child star.

What’s one thing you wish men knew about you, or just about women in general?

I want to do me. I wish men knew that I like for them to be creative. Like, flowers are so nice sometimes, but be creative if you are going to get a gift. I’m just going to say it, my ex would call me sometimes and be like, “I was thinking, we could go get some food.” Like, you really need to ask me. I like to be asked. I’m not just hanging around waiting for you to ask me to go get some food. Like really proposition it. Like, “we haven’t seen each other in a really long time, I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing. I would love to take you to dinner if you’re free.” Just be prince charming while you’re dating and if you end up dating.

Who do you think cheats more, men or women?

Sings “These hoes ain’t loyal” [laughs]. I think girls have more fun. I think girls can be very slick about what they do and probably by the book “cheat more than men.” It’s hard because how do you define cheating. I feel like men do dog things. Like, they’ll have this great girl and then cheat. I feel like girls will be like, “I have this boyfriend that I haven’t seen in 2 ½ months, so I went on a date” and you’re like “what?”