Vixen Chat: Logan Browning Talks Tinder and TV

Logan Browning

VVQOTD Answered Cont’d:

When’s the right time to introduce your significant other to your family.

I mean shit I have gotten a date in so long it might be hard but my family lives in Georgia so that would be a big deal. It’s not like they live down the street in L.A and I could take them over for Easter or something. It would be a big deal. For me, it wouldn’t necessarily have to be a certain amount of time as much as they would really have to line up with everything that I stand for, I believe in, everything I know my parents would want, and someone that I really see myself with. Honestly I can’t even get a date to the movies so [laughs] that probably won’t be for a minute.

You have a hard time finding a date?

Girl where am I gonna find a date? I went on Tinder four times. I deleted it every time I did it because I kept thinking I was going to find someone who was on there for the same reasons as me. Like I can’t find somebody because I’m always working and I’m not in school anymore  so where am I going to find someone? I went on e-Harmony and tried to do it and then they sent me an email telling me I had to pay for it so I was like never mind [laughs]. I keep getting emails saying ‘you have a match’  but its not really a match because I don’t pay for it.

Did you put your face as your profile?

Yeah, it’s my face. It was interesting. I feel like it was almost a year ago when Tinder first started and got really big and a lot of my friends were on it and that’s when it was really weird ‘cause like I did put my face on it. I didn’t put what I did on it so if people didn’t know they wouldn’t necessarily be able to figure it out. But I had so many mutual friends and like other actor friends who were on there  and I was like this is awkward. My friends’ boyfriends were on there like it was so weird.

Would you ever pose nude?

Oh my God! I don’t know. It makes me nervous. I feel like the typical answer is like if its for the right thing. I don’t know. I feel like it’s really hard for me to say. For one, I’m already on a show where I have to be half-naked all the time anyway so its like I’ve done a lot with my body that I thought I never would before, you know? I am a Christian and I have a big church at home in Atlanta and they watch the show. They know the stuff I do but I do wonder what the Christian community is going think about the things that I do. I actually care about young girls,  [they] are really important to me and how they view me and I don’t want to ever do something thats so bad that they can’t look to me and respect me. So I feel like if were to ever do something like that it would most likely be for a movie or like HBO and not just posing just to be posing unless it was super artistic and even though I was nude I was still covered up somehow.

Would you pose for PETA?

I mean yeah. I would say that my mom has lots of furs so I don’t know if PETA would want me to do an ad for them [laughs]. I love animals. She’s got these gorgeous [furs] some of them are real, some of them aren’t, like only a couple are real. I remember growing up as a little girl seeing her wear them and they were so beautiful and she always promised me whenever she passed away I would get them and so those things were really special to me before I knew they were actual animals and that’s a little weird. It’s kind of already embedded in me thats its a really special thing with me and her. But I’m not really for the killing animals for clothes thing. All the furs that I own are all fake.