Vixen of the Day: Niki Darling

City:  New York
State: NY
Age:  n/a
Occupation: Lead singer of Pants Velour
Your Style: Bohemian Soul
Beauty Fave You Can’t Live Without: Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow kit from Sephora & Mademoiselle Parfum by Coco Chanel
Inspired by: My mom, Oprah, and Tina Turner. These three women evoke strength, beauty, wisdom, and success. They have endured what most women could never imagine and have risen to the top and are timeless leaders by example.
A vixen is…driven, confident, and humble but not afraid to go Pam Grier – Foxy Brown on that ass. She leads by example and knows how to let her hair down. She is equally mentally and physically strong. Every woman has an inner vixen inside of them.
Photo Credit: René Scotland Photography