Vixen Vanity: Ardency Inn’s New Summer 2014 Lineup

ARDENCY INN, WWD Beauty Inc Award winner, has officially launched its Summer 2014 campaign with a highly anticipated new product collection. ARDENCY INN creates high performance makeup that is made especially for women who love to creatively run free. The campaign was shot in a deserted warehouse on the edge of downtown L.A.’s industrial district and featured lead singer Randa Leigh of Shadow on Stars in the midst of a “ tagged out façade, stripped out interiors and almost ghostly atmosphere….an interesting element to the band’s distinctively mystical electro pop sound.”



The Ardency Inn Summer 2014 product collection is composed of a Modster Lip Balm & Primer which protects and primes the lip with a cool minty kick, Modster Long Play Supercharged Lip Color in Forward which provides full long lasting coverage with a lip balm consistency and blue and violet undertones, Modster Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner in Cream which is a creamy waterproof liner supercharged with pure pigmented color that lasts all day, and Americana Soft Focus Moisturizer which was built to be an imperfection blurring daily moisturizer.

Flip through to get more details on each of the products.