Vixen Vent: Every Celebrity Does Not Deserve a Biopic


It seems like late celebrities having a biopic is becoming a trend and it needs to stop now.  Biopics were once something rare and were only done to tell the compelling story of an entertainer, like with Ray or What’s Love Got to Do With It? Since last year, all of a sudden there’ve been talks of this star and that star getting their own movie. This year alone saw the TLC biopic and will see more about James Brown and Jimi Hendrix. The casting for biographical account of N.W.A has begun and there is currently an Aaliyah biopic in the works.  All these musicians were amazing in their own right, but will we really flock to movie theaters to see their story on the big screen?

The N.W.A flick may be a great one and Hendrix’s story of sex drugs and rock’n’roll may be a box office smash. We all can agree that songstress Aaliyah was taken before her star could really shine, but can her life really make for a good movie? I’m not hating at all; just being realistic. The one thing that people would be intrigued to see play out is her alleged marriage to R. Kelly when she was 15-years-old (which her family probably does not want to bring back up), her romance with Dame Dash may satisfy our nosiness, but that’s about it. The James Brown ‘pic could entertaining for our parents, though.

The one biographical piece that would sure to be a box office hit may not make it that far. The Lifetime network wants to air an Angela Bassett-directed biopic about Whitney Houston. The Houston estate is trying to fight it, saying that she was too big of a star to have her life story told in a made-for-TV movie. Truth be told, her story may not be need to be told either since it played out in the media when things started to go bad. We all know about the drugs, tumultuous marriage, domestic violence claims against Bobby Brown and got a glimpse of her drama on the Bravo reality show Being Bobby Brown. It may be best to leave her controversy in the past and let her soul rest.

All celebs do not have a life interesting enough to be portrayed on film, period. Other stars may have lived their lives out loud to where the public knows a little too much and does not need to know anymore. Plus, since most of these stars have passed on, why do filmmakers feel the need to dig up their pasts filled with substance abuse, pain and turmoil? Let their legacies be so that the music can represent them and not their painful experiences and bad choices.

Photo Credit: VH1