Vixen Vent: He’s Not Gay, He’s Just Not That Into You

gay-vent-carouselEveryone has that one friend who thinks every guy wants her. And if the thought of her sprawled across his bed every night doesn’t cross his mind after one glance in her direction, then there’s only logical conclusion: he’s gay. As ludicrous as this assumption may seem, some women seem to think of this logic as an absolute truth.

Take for instance model Crystal Renay. She’s been seen hanging out with Ne-Yo a few times and rumors began to circulate that the two were dating. But instead of just refuting any romantic relationship between the two, Crystal took to Twitter and Instagram to let everyone know that she didn’t have the hardware that Ne-Yo prefers. She began to question Ne-Yo’s sexuality when he proposed a threesome with another man and—get this—called the paparazzi to their location.

Granted, both Ne-Yo and Crystal later denied all rumors—claiming the tweets were sent out by a jealous ex manager—but the fact remains that women often throw the g-word around as a defense mechanism when their egos have been bruised. Sure, he could actually be gay. But maybe he’s just not interested in you romantically. Every man isn’t a carbon copy of the next. They won’t all be turned on by the same things in a woman. So instead of writing a guy off because he’s immune to your pheromones, resolve yourself to the fact that you’re unique and it’ll take a man just as unique to be interested in you for

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