Vixen Vent: Is Rihanna’s Bare Body Flaunting Too Much?

When Bad Gal RiRi steps into the spotlight, heads are guaranteed to turn. It matters not what she decides to wear (or not to wear, in this case), the people are always going to talk. The sideline chatter bumped up a few decibels after her ogle-worthy CFDA Awards red carpet appearance. If you didn’t know how much inkage adorns Princess Rih’s body, you’d be able to count each and every tat she has through her sheer custom Adam Selman gown. The Swarovski crystal-covered sheet was paired with only a nude g-string, metallic headscarf, heels and a tiny fur scarf.

It’s no surprise that the body-baring ensemble eclipsed everyone else’s fashion finds that night. Pushing the limits of high fashion is one thing, but is Rihanna parading her pastie-free nips down a crowded New York sidewalk overkill? Folks are split. On one hand, Rih has become the Merriam-Webster definition of “fashion,” and her clothing choices are often viewed through that lens. But on the other hand, there is such a thing as too much.

I’m not going to entertain the “she’s a role model to young girls” debate, because at this point, we’ve heard Robyn say time and time again that she didn’t pick that position. It’s a tired argument, anyway. My worry is that this pattern will lead to unnecessary body shaming for the rest of us regular gals. Fact: Rihanna’s body is a gorgeous (admittedly envious) one. Her girls are always perked, legs lean and long, stomach flat and she knows how to work with the booty God gave her.

Nowadays, there’s very little mystery left when it comes to the female physique. We’re one gynecology visit away from full exposure. We’ve experienced every curve, crevice and tan line vicariously through persistent paparazzi. There’s not much to wonder about other than how many other girls in the world are sculpted like the celebs we dub our #WCWs. The Rihanna Body is quickly becoming as much of a standard as the iconic Beyonce Body is. What lust-filled eyes sometimes don’t understand is that not all female bods are built like this, and most importantly, that those differences don’t make them any less beautiful.

Rihanna is a grown ass woman and can flaunt what she’s got while she’s got it as long as it’s legal. But to the receivers of the widely praised scantily clad image: don’t expect the rest of us to follow suit or match your far-fetched fantasies when we disrobe. Stacy-Ann Ellis

Photo Credit: Getty Images