Vixen Vent: What’s Wrong With Stevie J?


Stevie J And Benzino Bar Grand Opening Private Celebration

Oh Steebie.

Stevie J’s child support woes have finally caught up to him. TMZ reports that the producer turned reality star was arrested earlier this week for owing over $1 million in child support. Considering that he was once one of the biggest producers in hip hop at one time and is now banking off of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, it’s pretty sad that he is missing his payments that support his babies. From his social media presence, it’s obvious that his children still have a lot of love for him, so let’s not all call him a deadbeat daddy at once.

But before his child support problems were brought to the forefront, we all knew there was something wrong with Steebie.

For one, he is a serial cheater. We all watched and cursed him through the TV and watched the tears flow as he cheated on his on-and-off girlfriend Mimi for over 15 years and fed his side chick Joseline lies to keep her in line. Between continuing to carry on his affair in front of Mimi’s face and then getting his side piece Joseline pregnant, it was a red flag for the type of man we all want to dodge: a womanizer and a liar.

Then there’s Joseline. Instead of being home with Mimi and his young daughter, he was frolicking around with her. Before he met her, Stevie J was regarded as one of the great producers in hip hop, having been on the in-house team of producers for Bad Boy Records, the Hitmen. He worked on the late Notorious B.I.G’s classic album Life After Death, R&B group 112’s self-titled debut album and won a Grammy for his production on the Puff Daddy and the Family album. Now he has damaged his brand for his artist-turned-mistress-turned-wife whose music no one is interested in. He went from being a respected producer to a spectacle used for entertainment on reality television. I could be wrong, but don’t real businessmen know how to keep the business separate from the personal? Don’t seasoned musicians know talent when they see it? But I digress.

Now that his business sense, eye for talent and his capability of being responsible have been disregarded or compromised, will Stevie J ever turn into a good standing, admirable man? Who’s to say, but his questionable morality makes for good TV. Just ask Mona Scott-Young.

Photo Credit: Getty Images