Vixen Vent: Stop Trolling


The internet is a beautiful thing. It allows us access to a wealth of information and with just the click of a mouse we can connect with individuals from around the globe. The world definitely seems to grow smaller every time I log onto Facebook and see a request from someone with 20 mutual friends, who lives on the other side of America. With social media sites like Twitter, we can voice our thoughts with just a few characters or play shutterbug on Instagram. We can also share our favorite images on Pinterest and Tumblr, and write to our hearts content on platforms like Blogger or WordPress. The possibilities are endless.

But with freedom comes responsibility and apparently, some people are having a tough time handling it. Go onto your favorite entertainer’s social media pages and you’re guaranteed to find countless commenters, or as I like to call them, trolls, clogging covos with hateful messages. The worst part is, children aren’t excluded. I mean, what type of person goes in on a toddler?

Yes, everyone has an opinion, but some things are meant to be kept to yourself. You don’t have to spread negative energy with rude comments that can possibly ruin someone else’s mood. My parents always told me that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. (Actually, it was more like, “If yuh nuh have nuttin nice fi say, say nothing!” in thick West Indian accents, but I digress.)

Celebrities are human. Do us a favor and stop the trivial trolling. It’s unproductive and annoying.

Photo Credit: Instagram